Within the fear, the anger and the sadness, the upheaval of divorce also contains the seeds of happiness and joy. Are you ready to nurture those seeds and create a vibrant new life out of the ashes of your relationship? Whether you’re thinking about divorce, in the midst of divorce or on the other side of your divorce – start today!

Are You A Woman?

Did you know that
about 85% of divorces are
initiated by women? That
custody and parenting of
the children no longer …

Are You A Man?

Did you know that men and women commit adultery in about equal numbers; that abuse, when widened to include..

Did You Decide to Leave?

You’re the one who made the call, the one who said “I’m done”, the one who got to that place of knowing that there …

Was Leaving Your Spouse’s Idea?

Blind sided. Shocked.
Devastated. Unexpected.
Unbelievable This may describe some or all of your reaction …

Do You Have Children?

Did you know that your children’s ability to thrive after your divorce is directly related to your ability to thrive after your divorce? …

Were You Married a Long Time?

The longer a couple is together, the more intertwined they tend to become on many different levels: financially …